Christchurch Raspberry Jam – March 2014

Raspberry Pi FM transmitter tutorial

Hi there Pirates,

We’re well into Autumn and the days sure are getting crisper. What more would you want to do than bike around the orange leaved parks with your fellow bike gang cranking tunes as you go.

Well this Raspberry Jam we’re gonna work through the Raspberry Pirate Radio tutorial at Makezine. So bring your Pi, a fresh SD card, a portable FM radio and we’ll provide the rest. There’s gonna be a little soldiering as well as flashing an SD card.

So come techy and geeky, fun and freaky; we’re gonna have more fun with Pi and it won’t be the same without ya ;D

Many thanks to our new partner and our continuing supporters Treshna and Metasolutions.

See ya then,
Benet AKA Dr Hitchcock

Christchurch Raspberry Jam – February 2014

Icecast screen from

G’day mates,

Well I’m fresh from a holiday in Australia and ready for another Raspberry Jam in Christchurch.

Attendees at the last event were quite interested by RaspBMC and how it works. I wonder if anyone had a chance to set up their own at home?

This time I’m going to be hosting a tutorial on setting up your own Internet Radio Station using Icecast and Ezstream. With this stack you can listen to your music library anywhere on your local network and with some trickery anywhere else online.

So come young and old, techy and geeky, fun and freaky; we’re gonna have more fun with Pi and it won’t be the same without ya ;D

See ya then,
Benet AKA Dr Hitchcock

Christchurch Raspberry Jam – January 2014


Happy New Year!

Did you get a Raspberry Pi for Christmas? Do you wanna hang with other like minded Raspberry Pi peeps? Then come along to the first Christchurch Raspberry Jam for 2014.

We had quite a diverse group attend the November meet-up, including developers looking at using the Pi for commercial uses to school students looking to learn more about Gnu/Linux & Programming as well as a Dad considering using one as his home entertainment centre.

This time around I’ll be demonstrating how RaspBMC, the Raspberry Pi version of home media software XMBC, works.

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Raspberry Jam – Christchurch – Meet Up #1

Raspberry Pi WiFi Radio

Hey there!

First up thanks to all the cats who came to the initial Christchurch Raspberry Jam meet and greet. It’s just lovely to see local enthusiasm in the Raspberry Pi.

For official meeting number one we’re moving to our regular space, Treshna @ EPIC. Bring your Raspberry Pi, passion, geekiness and a friend for some low/high tech radness. I have just recently built a WiFi Web Radio with a Pi utilising the Pandora Internet Radio service, complete with an LCD screen and physical push button controls. I’ll be bringing this along for people to have a look and a poke at.

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Raspberry Jam – Christchurch – Meet Up #0

Raspberry Pi and SD card

Howdy yo!

So anyone who knows me at least a little remotely knows I’m a huge fan of the Raspberry Pi computer. It’s small, cute, versatile and super fun. And after finally getting settled back in Christchurch after a fabulous 3 years in Melbourne I’m gearing up to share the RasPi love around this fair city.

Back in the UK where the glorious Pi was born people have started gathering under the banner of Raspberry Jam. So come Wednesday 30th October we’ll be having our initial Raspberry Jam meet-up to see who’s interested in the Pi, what people have been doing with their Pi’s and encouraging other people to get involved.  The lovely folks at MakerCrate by the Pallet Pavillion have offered us the use of their space.

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Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad

Hey there!

Have you ever wanted to just quickly type out a few short ideas. Not necessarily to have to save for later but just to get down on pad, or screen? Well, inspired by an article from Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga I had a little play and made myself a simple, distraction free place at:

Feel free to use it for all those little moments of inspiration.


I ♥ Free Software – Valentine’s Day 2013

I ♥ Free Software - Valentine's Day 2013

Hey Freedom Lovers,

I love Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS). If you do too why not let others know about it today :D

Check out the Free Software Foundation Europe page for ways to celebrate this lovely day. And if you’d like to know more about what Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is visit the official page.

Benet aka Dr Hitchcock.

New year, new site design.

Hey there,

Well we are well and truly into 2013. It’s a new year so I thought I’d get a new look together for Starlifter Digital. 2012 was a fun year filled with Raspberry Pis, PirateBoxes and plenty of Web Design. This year looks like it’s gonna be just as crazy.

More to come ;)