DJ Dr Hitchcock

Hi there, welcome to Starlifter Digital. I’m Benet aka Dr Hitchcock, and I like to consider myself a Creative Technologist.

Although I primarily design and develop websites, I enjoy taking real world problems and seeing how they might be solved utilising various technologies in new and innovative ways. Over the past decade I have researched and worked with Free, Libre and Open Source Technology (FLOSS), Internet Radio, Privacy and Security Issues and of course, Web/Internet Technology. I am in no way an expert but I am always learning 😉

My most interesting projects recently have revolved around the Raspberry Pi and the PirateBox. I used these two projects to develop a local WiFi hotspot for Rainbow Serpent Festival, an outdoor music festival in rural Victoria, Austalia. This hotspot allowed festival goers to download updated timetables, festival information and site maps; as well as interact with others via a message board.

I am currently working full time at Meta Digital in Christchurch, New Zealand. So if you’re looking for someone to build you an exquisite website be sure to give my boss Norm a call and we’ll work on something special for you.

Have a radical day,